Jan 22, 2005  -  Comments

Saturday morning Stephanie, one of Lauren's friends from UT who is doing the same thing she is, came to visit. We had planned to go to a soccer match that night. I found out that Grenoble had a team, so I wanted to check it out. We took the bus out to the stadium only to find a note tacked to the ticket office that said the match had been canceled.

We had nothing to do, and Lauren's roommates were having a vegetarian potluck dinner for like 15 of their friends. So, we didn't want to go back to the apartment. We walked to the movie theater, but all of the movies had already started. We ended up walking around the city for like two hours. Then we went to a bar and sat for about an hour. When we left, Lauren stole the Heineken glass I was using. Nice.

So, we ended up back at the apartment around 10:30 and all of the people we didn't know were still here, so we retreated to the room and watched 'Napoleon Dynamite' on Lauren's computer.

One hell of a night.

The Most Delicious Food in France

Jan 16, 2005  -  Comments

As I've said before, the food here in France isn't that great. Some things are good, they have some pretty good cheeses, but on the most part the food is sketchy. There is, however, an exception to this rule. To be fair though, the food to which I'm referring isn't even French in origin, it's Turkish. Anyway, they have a lot of ethnic sandwich stores that sell Kebabs. I tried one the last time I was in France and remember it being pretty good. So, I wanted to try one again to see if my memory was accurate. Well, I have to say that they are the most tantalizing food in all of Europe. Let me describe what a Kebab is. It's comprised of a pocket of bread, similar to a pita, but a different type of bread, with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and shredded spiced lamb. I know what you're thinking: Lamb? Yes, lamb. It is wonderful! I've eaten three this week alone. I can't get enough. It's like a drug. If you ever visit France (I don't know if they have them in other countries) then you need to try one out.


Jan 15, 2005  -  Comments

This Saturday we went to Chambery. It's the town that Lauren lived in the last time she was in France for the study abroad program. It's only about 45 min. away by train, and the tickets were only 10€ round-trip. So, we decided that we would spend the day there. We left Grenoble at 9:30 and were planning on taking the 3:30 train back home. When we arrived in Chambery, it was freakin freezing. My guess is it was around 30 degrees plus wind. Also, the town is a lot smaller than Grenoble, so there isn't a lot going on. Our plan for a whole day outing was quickly cut short by the weather and a lack of anything to do. We wondered around for two hours, ate lunch, then got on the 12:45 train back to Grenoble.

We were both really tired when we got back and each of us slept for a little over three hours. So, the rest of the day was pretty much wasted. That night, the parents that Lauren babysits for occasionally, invited us out to a bar to listen to some music. As we are on the tram heading toward the bar, they text Lauren on her cell phone and say that they are just leaving and will meet us there soon. We go ahead to the bar thinking we'll save them a table. When we walk into the bar, it is the size of a small bedroom. The room is about 10'x10' and that is including the space for the bar. There are only about eight people total inside. Also, up on a loft-type room overlooking the bar is a DJ playing like techno remixes of 80's songs very loudly. Lauren and I hide in the corner (there are no tables, there are no chairs) waiting for the couple to come meet us. I drank a couple of beers and we waited for about 45 minutes, but they never showed up. Lauren checked her phone and there was a message from them saying they changed their minds and were going to a movie instead, and would we like to join them. "Thanks a lot," we said. But, it wasn't a total waste. We had some fun at the bar making fun of all the hip young people.


Jan 13, 2005  -  Comments

You'll never believe the flavors of potato chips they have here. Wednesday, we bought a bag of Lay's chips that were 'Roasted Chicken with Thyme' flavored. The best part? They were delicious! It really tasted like roast chicken, which is either good or bad I guess. Anyway, I finished the bag in two days. Good stuff.

The Mall

Jan 11, 2005  -  Comments

Yesterday Lauren and I went to the French version of the mall. But, instead of being called a mall, it is called a Centre Commerce. They look pretty much the same. Two levels of stores, all the same stuff. The mall has this huge store called Carrefour attached to it. It's like the Super Wal-Mart for Frenchies. As far as I can tell, it's about as big as a Wal-Mart. The only difference is that it was super crowded. Not that Wal-Mart necessarily isn't crowded, but this place was crazy. And a lot of people there had their dogs with them. The French dogs must be like best friends, cause they never go anywhere without them. And this are big dogs too, not the kind they can hold or carry in a Paris Hilton dog-sac. I'm really surprised I didn't see a dog shit in the mall, they shit everywhere else.

Saturday night we went to some French friends of Lauren's for dinner. They're names were Ileana and Mikael. I think one of them is originally from Argentina and the other is from Pakistan. They were really nice. They made us a kind of stir fry with only bell peppers. It was very good. Before dinner Mikael cut up some sausage and some cheese for an appetizer. He offered me some and I took the sausage and tried to take a bit out of it. It was pretty tough. He saw me struggling to take a bite and said, "Uh.. you have to take the skin off the outside first." "Oh. . . . Thanks," I said a little embarrassed. But, it was some good sausage. I think he said it was made with Blueberries? Then, after dinner, we watched Napoleon Dynamite, which we had brought. Both of them spoke really good English, so we assumed they might think it was pretty funny. Mikael laughed a lot, but Ileana just kinda sat there. I don't think it was her type of humor at all.