A Week of Travel

Jan 04, 2005

I returned to Grenoble yesterday to find that my bag had FINALLY arrived! It was so nice to wear my own clothes again. Well, I'm going to try and catch everyone up on what we did for the last week.

Lauren's parents rented a car last Monday morning and we started on our driving tour. Our intention was to drive through the Loire valley (wine region) and tour some famous Chateaus (castles). Our first stop was the chateau at Chambord. It was described as "massively huge." That description was absolutely correct. The place was gigantic. So, we toured through there and then went to the hotel where we were staying. It was a smaller chateau built in the 1500's. It was really nice. The lady who owned the place was super friendly. She made a "simple" dinner for us that night which consisted of four courses. The cheese course was particularly interesting. We had heard that the worst they smelled, the better they tasted. That couldn't have been farther from the truth. I was naive enough to try the worst smelling one. I was able to swallow it, but I was afraid I might start dry heaving at any second.

The next day we went to three more chateaus that were close by. We toured the chateau at Amboise, Ussé, and Azay-le-Rideau. All of them were very nice. We stayed at the same place that night.

On Wednesday, we went near Orleans and toured a couple of more chateaus. I can't remember all of the names right now. I'll try to post some pictures in the next few days. I'll let everyone know.

Thursday we drove into Paris and dropped the rental car off. We spent four night in Paris and did all the normal tourist stuff. We went to Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, the Louvre, and other stuff I can't remember. I did have to buy some more clothes in Paris because, even though I had washed my one outfit twice, it was beginning to get a bit stale. So, I bought some more underwear, some socks, another long sleeve shirt, and a pair of pants. I got them all for pretty cheap. The shirt was only 10 and the pants 15.

So, Lauren's family left yesterday to go home and we rode the train back to Grenoble. Lauren didn't feel very well, and it turns out today that she has a pretty bad cough and a 101 temperature. So, she's hanging out in bed. I just got back from the grocery store, which I went to with one of Lauren's gay roommates. He's really nice though. Lauren says the other one is really negative though. Alright, that's all for now. I'll work on posting some pictures on my website and I'll email everyone once they're up. Hopefully by Thursday or Friday. I hope everyone is doing well. I don't get any news here, so if anything major happens over there, email and tell me.