Alcohol and (Dog) Shit

Jan 06, 2005

Lauren and I went to Monoprix today. It's kinda like the French version of Kroger. Anyway, it really surprises me how cheap some things are here and how expensive other things are. Usually, a can of Coke (and they ARE smaller here, Robb, you bastard) costs around 2€ in machines and around 3.50€ in restaurants. Wine and liquor are completely opposite. There are often just as cheap as a Coke.

Anyway, I bought a six pack of France's version of Budweiser today called Stella Artois for 2.50€. John, Robb, and Charlie will appreciate this: a six pack of Heineken here is only 4€. How crazy is that. Liquor is the same way. It is way cheaper here. Josh and John, that same set of Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey and two glass set that you bought me as a going away present is sold here for 19.90€. Crazy.

Well, that's really all I wanted to say in this email. It's cold as balls here. I doubt it gets over 40 degrees ever. It has snowed a bit, but not enough to amount to anything. All the mountains around the town are covered in snow. I think tomorrow I'm going to take a bus up to the top of one of the mountains so I can get some good pictures. I'll try to work on posting some soon.


There is dog shit everywhere here! The Frenchies aren't required to pick up after the dogs like in the US. On top of that, the dogs shit right on the sidewalk, in the middle of the path! They don't even wait for the dignity of a patch of grass. Unbeleivable. It's like walking through a mine field, watching every step because it might be your last.