The Mall

Jan 11, 2005

Yesterday Lauren and I went to the French version of the mall. But, instead of being called a mall, it is called a Centre Commerce. They look pretty much the same. Two levels of stores, all the same stuff. The mall has this huge store called Carrefour attached to it. It's like the Super Wal-Mart for Frenchies. As far as I can tell, it's about as big as a Wal-Mart. The only difference is that it was super crowded. Not that Wal-Mart necessarily isn't crowded, but this place was crazy. And a lot of people there had their dogs with them. The French dogs must be like best friends, cause they never go anywhere without them. And this are big dogs too, not the kind they can hold or carry in a Paris Hilton dog-sac. I'm really surprised I didn't see a dog shit in the mall, they shit everywhere else.

Saturday night we went to some French friends of Lauren's for dinner. They're names were Ileana and Mikael. I think one of them is originally from Argentina and the other is from Pakistan. They were really nice. They made us a kind of stir fry with only bell peppers. It was very good. Before dinner Mikael cut up some sausage and some cheese for an appetizer. He offered me some and I took the sausage and tried to take a bit out of it. It was pretty tough. He saw me struggling to take a bite and said, "Uh.. you have to take the skin off the outside first." "Oh. . . . Thanks," I said a little embarrassed. But, it was some good sausage. I think he said it was made with Blueberries? Then, after dinner, we watched Napoleon Dynamite, which we had brought. Both of them spoke really good English, so we assumed they might think it was pretty funny. Mikael laughed a lot, but Ileana just kinda sat there. I don't think it was her type of humor at all.