Jan 15, 2005

This Saturday we went to Chambery. It's the town that Lauren lived in the last time she was in France for the study abroad program. It's only about 45 min. away by train, and the tickets were only 10€ round-trip. So, we decided that we would spend the day there. We left Grenoble at 9:30 and were planning on taking the 3:30 train back home. When we arrived in Chambery, it was freakin freezing. My guess is it was around 30 degrees plus wind. Also, the town is a lot smaller than Grenoble, so there isn't a lot going on. Our plan for a whole day outing was quickly cut short by the weather and a lack of anything to do. We wondered around for two hours, ate lunch, then got on the 12:45 train back to Grenoble.

We were both really tired when we got back and each of us slept for a little over three hours. So, the rest of the day was pretty much wasted. That night, the parents that Lauren babysits for occasionally, invited us out to a bar to listen to some music. As we are on the tram heading toward the bar, they text Lauren on her cell phone and say that they are just leaving and will meet us there soon. We go ahead to the bar thinking we'll save them a table. When we walk into the bar, it is the size of a small bedroom. The room is about 10'x10' and that is including the space for the bar. There are only about eight people total inside. Also, up on a loft-type room overlooking the bar is a DJ playing like techno remixes of 80's songs very loudly. Lauren and I hide in the corner (there are no tables, there are no chairs) waiting for the couple to come meet us. I drank a couple of beers and we waited for about 45 minutes, but they never showed up. Lauren checked her phone and there was a message from them saying they changed their minds and were going to a movie instead, and would we like to join them. "Thanks a lot," we said. But, it wasn't a total waste. We had some fun at the bar making fun of all the hip young people.