The Most Delicious Food in France

Jan 16, 2005

As I've said before, the food here in France isn't that great. Some things are good, they have some pretty good cheeses, but on the most part the food is sketchy. There is, however, an exception to this rule. To be fair though, the food to which I'm referring isn't even French in origin, it's Turkish. Anyway, they have a lot of ethnic sandwich stores that sell Kebabs. I tried one the last time I was in France and remember it being pretty good. So, I wanted to try one again to see if my memory was accurate. Well, I have to say that they are the most tantalizing food in all of Europe. Let me describe what a Kebab is. It's comprised of a pocket of bread, similar to a pita, but a different type of bread, with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and shredded spiced lamb. I know what you're thinking: Lamb? Yes, lamb. It is wonderful! I've eaten three this week alone. I can't get enough. It's like a drug. If you ever visit France (I don't know if they have them in other countries) then you need to try one out.