Jan 22, 2005

Saturday morning Stephanie, one of Lauren's friends from UT who is doing the same thing she is, came to visit. We had planned to go to a soccer match that night. I found out that Grenoble had a team, so I wanted to check it out. We took the bus out to the stadium only to find a note tacked to the ticket office that said the match had been canceled.

We had nothing to do, and Lauren's roommates were having a vegetarian potluck dinner for like 15 of their friends. So, we didn't want to go back to the apartment. We walked to the movie theater, but all of the movies had already started. We ended up walking around the city for like two hours. Then we went to a bar and sat for about an hour. When we left, Lauren stole the Heineken glass I was using. Nice.

So, we ended up back at the apartment around 10:30 and all of the people we didn't know were still here, so we retreated to the room and watched 'Napoleon Dynamite' on Lauren's computer.

One hell of a night.