Ruby compressor for JavaScript and CSS files

Dec 11, 2006

On Friday, Adam and I were talking about the different JavaScript libraries that are available and how bloated they are. They can easily double the page weight of your site. But, if you want to use the pre-canned goodness of Prototype or Scriptaculous, then that's the price you pay. We were trying to find ways to decrease the amount of files a user downloads when they visit our company Web site. One idea was to compress the CSS file and all of the large JavaScript files that we use. Well, I found a cool online service to compress and combine JavaScript files, but there were no readily available sources for shrinking any other kind of file that I could easily find. So, Adam told me to use sed via the command line and use the power of regular expressions to strip line breaks, tabs, and spaces out of the given file. Well, I don't know anything about regular expressions, and Adam couldn't recall the exact syntax off the top of his head. So, he retired to his corner and whipped up a nice little Ruby program to do it for us.

Enter the Shrinker!

You can download the Ruby file below. If you're on a Mac, just copy it to /usr/local/bin then CHMOD 777 it. After that, you can simply run sudo shrinker path/to/file and it will spit out a new file with the extension .shrunk that you can now name anything you want. Windows users can dump the file anywhere they want and then run, from the command line: ruby path/to/shrinker.rb path/to/file to get the same thing.

File: shrinker.rb (UPDATE: This file is no longer available, sorry.)

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