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Aug 15, 2006  -  Comments

Weeks and months of pining and wishing have finally come to fruition. Thanks to the Georgia sales tax holiday at the beginning of August and the back-to-school iPod promotion, I was finally able to justify dropping $1300 on a tiny white laptop.

Never before have I been happier with a purchase (since I bought my iPod). I have absolutely no "buyer's remorse." I was talking to a coworker shortly after my purchase about the frame of reference when it comes to prices for purchases. Most people don't think twice about spending $1000+ for a desktop or laptop computer, but when contemplating buying a game console or an appliance for $300-$500 the majority of people will think and rethink about whether to buy. It's very odd.

The event that started my Mac addiction happened around March of this year. We needed to hire another person at Plexus to help me out because we had more work than I could handle. Well, that involved buying a new computer for the extra person. El Presidente offered to give him my old PC and buy me a new Mac Mini and, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a bit different getting used to OS X at first, coming from the world of Windows. I got the hang of it pretty quickly and immediately saw the benefits of the Mac over the PC. Since then I've wanted an Apple, and two weeks ago the dream became a reality.

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OS X Leopard to have Ruby on Rails

Aug 09, 2006  -  Comments

I received a jubilant email today from Shawn that contained a link to this article officially announcing that Mac OS X Leopard will indeed be shipped with Ruby on Rails pre-configured.

For anyone who's followed these great directions to get RoR up and running on a Mac knows that it takes a fair amount of time and a good bit of focus to get everything correct. Having everything pre-installed will save many people a great deal of aggravation.

On top of having Ruby and Rails in the box, they've promised other packaged goodies like Mongrel, a Ruby alternative to Apache that I've heard is much more efficient.

It's not like I needed another reason to look forward to the OS X update, but now I'm truly excited to get my hands on Leopard.

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