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Lost Theory

Oct 12, 2006  -  Comments

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There are a million hypotheses out on message boards and fan sites trying to guess the overarching story behind Lost. They range from theories about the castaways having gone back in time to theories about them being part of a grand science experiment. Based on information that came to light this summer during the off-season, I've developed my own theory about what's going on in the Lost universe.

The numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) have always been a hot topic among Lost aficionados. It was revealed over the summer that these numbers are, in fact, a complex equation developed by an Italian mathematician named Valenzetti. It determines the amount of time before humanity exterminates itself, either by warfare, nuclear holocaust, or pandemic disease. My theory centers around this equation.

I think that the DHARMA initiative (or whatever is left of it) came into possession the information that the person (or persons) responsible for the destruction of the human race would be on Oceanic flight 815. They somehow (I told you this was a theory) caused the flight to pass over their island, made it crash, and they are going through the remaining passengers one by one to determine who the person is.

Things that support my theory:

  1. In episode 1 of season 3, the DHARMA people didn't seem surprised at all to see a plane crash into their island. It appeared like they were expecting it. Ben (Henry Gale) sent Ethan and Goodwin out to pose as survivors and to bring back lists of the remaining passengers.
  2. Walt, who had been in their custody for several weeks, was simply released at the end of season 2. I think they determined that he wasn't responsible, so they let him go.
  3. The psychic told Claire that her child would be responsible for something terrible if he was raised by anyone other than her.
  4. Ben (Henry Gale) told Kate in episode 1 of season 3 that the next few weeks would be very uncomfortable. (interrogation?)
  5. Jack seems to be getting psychoanalyzed/interrogated by Juliette.

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