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Safari line height problem

Jun 14, 2006  -  Comments

It seems like I've been stuck on the line-height property lately. Well, today I noticed Safari giving weird behavior with regards to line-height. In the CSS documents we create at work, we always include a standard set of entity styles at the top and then go back and edit them if needed. Well, in that standard set is where we define the font-size, line-height, padding, etc. for our most-used html tags. I ran into a problem today where Safari was effectively ignoring the previously declared line-height property when I redefined the font-size of an element. So, to fix this, I had to re-define the exact same line-height(in percentage) for the new font-size.

I'm a huge fan of the Mac (I use one at work), but Safari can cause some headaches (nowhere near IE, though).

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